About this Project

My motivation for this project came out of my own desire to know more about dyslexia. I wanted to create a space where individuals can talk about having dyslexia in their own creative way. It was a visual reaction to the cliché images of kids struggling at desks and all they represent. I’ve learned that dyslexia has little to do with flipping letters and everything to do with thinking well. I’ve discovered small communities dedicated to helping those with dyslexia and met some incredible people along the way.

I’d like to thank the Washington Literacy Center for trusting me enough to let me come in and talk to their students, to Decoding Dyslexia Virginia for all their support and contacts in the dyslexic community, and to the LAB school, Gueniver Eaden, D. Phil. and the International Dyslexia Association for taking the time to talk with me during the research part of this project. And from the bottom of my heart thank you to all the dyslexics who were willing to be part of this project. You have inspired me and made this project what it is.

If you have a story to tell or would like to work together please contact me at amy@amybrothers.com